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PURE Youth Wichita

Wichita, KS

Led By Children, For Children


Mamas Madanambedu - My name is Manas Madanambedu. From Pure I learned how easy it is to raise money and donate to the public. Pure has also helped me value and recognize my individual talents and skill to help raise money and donate. Overall Pure is very educating experience.

Megha Patel - Hi my name is Megha Patel, and I am an ambassador for the Wichita PURE Youth chapter. Being a part of this organization has opened me up to some problems that I did not even realize happened. I like being a part of PURE because it is student-led and allows us to have a lot of creativity with our project and we always end up benefiting the lives of others.

Satvik Kolla - like being a part of PURE because I get to work with some really nice and smart people who always have great ideas and ways to help the community. It’s always nice to be a part of a bigger cause and it’s nicer when you have people along with you for the journey. I’ve learned through PURE that all humans have slightly different ways of doing things and it’s important to recognize that and adapt yourself to different situations.

Shreya Reddy - PURE Youth has been an opportunity I am beyond grateful for . During quarantine, I found myself lacking and Pure gave me a reason to give back and do things to fill up all the empty spaces in my schedule. I wish for each and every person in my group to know how thankful I am to have them all on the team. Without them, PURE wouldn’t mean what it does to me now so thank you.

Sonia Richardet - I originally joined PURE through introduction by a friend due to it seeming like a great opportunity and having some newly opened up free time because of the pandemic. I’ve greatly enjoyed being able to work with the other members of the Wichita Chapter to work towards bettering communities! Pure has given me the ability to use the privilege I was born with to help others and for that I am extremely grateful. During this journey I have also gotten to work with and hear from some amazing people with great ideas that have truly inspired me! I can’t wait to see how we continue to grow, both as individuals and as a team and organization as a whole!

Sree Madanambedu - My name is Sree Madanambedu. I joined PURE because I knew that what they were doing was for a a good cause. After I joined, I found out that I was right as we’ve already done one donation and I’ve had a fun time while doing it. Being in PURE has helped me understand how to become a better person by helping myself and people around me.

Anoushka Raju - Being a part of PURE Youth has not only taught me many lessons as an individual, but it has also shown me the many ways in which we, as the youth of this world, are able to make an impact and help our planet become a better place for the future. Through PURE, I have been able to improve my leadership and collaboration skills, as well as gain an understanding of the world, helping me become well-informed and preparing me for the future. I have also been able to collaborate with inspiring young individuals on a team, who are the foundation of our chapter. The most fulfilling part about being part of PURE has been the realization that we are part of something larger than ourselves, and we are all working on the same mission to create tangible impact on the world by eradicating the barriers on education. I am extremely grateful to PURE for providing me with such meaningful experiences, to our Wichita team for never failing to bring creativity and enthusiasm to meetings and projects, and I am excited to continue my journey with PURE on its mission, helping children around the world achieve their dreams through education!